CONIX Publication

Open Speech Platform: Democratizing Hearing Aid Research

Authors: Dhiman Sengupta, Sean Hamilton, Dezhi Hong, Rajesh Gupta, Tamara Zubatiy, Cagri Yalcin, Arthur Boothroyd, Harinath Garudadri


Hearing aids help overcome the deficiencies associated with hearing loss, and thus greatly benefit and improve the lives of the hearing-impaired. However, the current closed-source hearing aid market not only stands in the way of large-scale adoption of hearing aids but also impedes research on hearing health care in academia. To abridge the gap and accelerate research in hearing health care, we present the design and implementation of the Open Speech Platform (OSP), which consists of a co-design of open-source hardware and software. The hardware meets the industry standards and enables researchers to conduct experiments in the field. The software is designed with a systematic and modular approach to standardize algorithm implementation and simplify user interface development. We evaluate the performance of OSP regarding both its hardware and software, as well as demonstrate its usefulness via a self-fitting study involving human participants.

Release Date: 05/18/2020
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