CONIX aims to provide a new middle tier of distributed computing that tightly couples the cloud and edge by pushing increased levels of autonomy and intelligence into the network.

The CONIX Center’s research agenda is broad and ambitious, spanning architectures, components, services, security, and privacy, all of which combine into three demonstrator applications. The center’s mission is to develop the architecture consisting of APIs and protocols that allow system designers to operate on all resources in a system in an abstract manner like that used by modern data centers. This requires an interdisciplinary and cross-cutting approach that extends from new programming paradigms at the top, all the way down to platforms that support in-network computation. To cope with dynamics and scale, the system needs to be sufficiently autonomous using machine learning and cognitive approaches to build resilience and to self-optimize.


JUMP e-Workshop ‘Floem: Language, Compiler, and Runtime for NIC-Accelerated Network Applications’

JUMP e-Workshop ‘Revising the Performance Promise of FPGAs for Network Functions’

09.26.18 ‐ 09.27.18
CONIX First Annual Review

JUMP e-Workshop ‘Optimization in the Federated Setting’

JUMP e-Workshop ‘Capable, Reliable Intermittent Computers’