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LightAnchors: Appropriating Point Lights for Spatially- Anchored Augmented Reality Interfaces

Authors: Karan Ahuja, Chris Harrison, Sujeath Pareddy, Robert Xiao, Mayank Goel


Augmented reality requires precise and instant overlay of digital information onto everyday objects. We present our work on LightAnchors, a new method for displaying spatially-anchored data. We take advantage of pervasive point lights – such as LEDs and light bulbs – for both in-view anchoring and data transmission. These lights are blinked at high speed to encode binary data. We built a proof-of-concept application that runs on iOS without any hardware or software modifications. We ran a study to characterize the performance of our system and built ten example demos to highlight the potential of our approach.

Release Date: 10/10/19
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