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Fixing Mini-batch Sequences with Hierarchical Robust Partitioning

Authors: Shengjie Wang, Jeff Bilmes, Wenruo Bai


We propose a general and efficient hierarchical robust partitioning framework to generate a deterministic sequence of mini-batches, one that offers mathematical assurances of being high quality, unlike a randomly drawn sequence. We compare our deterministically generated mini-batch sequences to randomly generated sequences and show that the deterministic sequences significantly beat the mean and worst performance of random sequences, and often outperforms the best of the random sequences, on a variety of deep learning tasks. Our theoretical contributions include a new algorithm for the robust submodular partition problem subject to cardinality constraints (used to construct mini-batch sequences), and show in general that the algorithm is fast and has good theoretical guarantees; we also show a more efficient hierarchical variant of the algorithm with similar guarantees under mild assumptions.

Release Date: 04/16/2019
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